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Client Showcase Category: Hotels

Rapid River Lodge & Waterpark

Background: Rapid River Water Park & Lodge is a hotel and water park located in Baxter, MN. The hotel recently remodeled their water park and wanted to provide their customers with a convenient online booking system. They needed a responsive website design that would work seamlessly on mobile devices, along with an interactive calendar to display the available days for booking.

Challenges: One of the main challenges faced by our team was to create a responsive design that would work well on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Another challenge was to integrate the online booking system with the website, which required custom coding and third-party software.

Solution: Our team worked closely with Rapid River Water Park & Lodge to understand their requirements and business goals. We developed a responsive website design that was optimized for mobile devices and provided an excellent user experience. Our developers also created a custom booking system that was integrated seamlessly with the website, allowing customers to purchase water park passes online with ease.

To provide a convenient and easy booking experience, we developed an interactive calendar that displayed the available days for booking. This helped customers to select a date that suited them and also reduced the workload for the water park staff.

Results: After the launch of the new website, Rapid River Water Park & Lodge saw a significant increase in their online ticket sales, resulting in a boost in their revenue. The new website has provided a seamless and convenient booking experience for customers, and they have received positive feedback from their visitors. The interactive calendar has helped to reduce the workload for staff and has streamlined the booking process.

Conclusion: Our team successfully delivered a responsive website design that allowed Rapid River Water Park & Lodge to sell water park passes online. The custom booking system and interactive calendar have helped to improve the customer experience, resulting in increased revenue for the client. The new website has been well-received by visitors and has helped to enhance the online presence of Rapid River Water Park & Lodge.