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    Show us where you stick it!

    June 6, 2023
    Hey there, amazing Mixture Web community! We have a thrilling new sticker contest that’s guaranteed to bring some fun and creativity into your lives. Introducing the “Show us where you stick it!” campaign!
    Here’s the deal: We’re giving away awesome 3″ stickers for all of you to flaunt your Mixture Web pride. Stick ’em wherever you want and get ready to strike a pose! 📸
    How to participate:
    1️⃣ Grab one of our fantastic 3″ stickers (they’re absolutely free!)
    2️⃣ Find the perfect spot to stick it – be imaginative, be bold!
    3️⃣ Take a creative photo with your sticker proudly displayed.
    4️⃣ Post your picture right here on our Facebook, as a comment and use the hashtag #MixturewebStickerContest.
    By doing so, you’ll automatically enter our incredible contest for a chance to win a gift card to a local business in Brainerd. We will do one winner each month all summer long!
    But wait, there’s more! We want to see your sticker adventures unfold, so make sure to share your posts with friends and family, and invite them to join in the fun too. The more, the merrier!
    So, get your stickers, get snapping, and show us where you stick it! We can’t wait to see all the amazing places our stickers will end up.
    Ready, set, go sticker crazy! 🚀

    You can pick up a free sticker at our shop at 6933 Foley Road!


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